What discount will you consider?

We generally only consider discount>=50%. We recommend reviewer price less than $3, which has the best result! A golden rule: sending out 10 99% off coupon to 100 buyers is so much better than sending out 3000 50% off coupon to 10,000 buyers!. If your product worth more than $100 and do not want to sell at such low price, please contact our staff on skype to discuss the details. Skype username: amz.boost.

How do I know this will work with my product?

Yes, this will work for any product – it doesn’t matter what your niche or product is. Just follow our suggestions for the following competitive levels:
Low Competition – 100-140 coupons
Medium Competition – 175-225 coupons
High Competition – 250 coupons or more.

Keep in mind:

Ten 90% off coupons always work better than one thousand 50% coupons.

One master coupon code works better than single codes.

How many reviews will I get for my product?

We have no idea how many reviews you will get – nor can we promise any. AmzBoost isn’t a review service. Such services don’t leave legal reviews and are against Amazon’s Terms of Service due to many fraudulent and false reviews put up by these review services. We don’t allow special offers only when people leave reviews and we don’t take payments for those reviews, either. Giving perks for reviews is not completely white hat and our business will only operate as a legitimate service so as not to put your accounts in danger of being banned by Amazon.

Why are Premium and Elite Plans so good?

The Premium and Elite Plans are for those who want to get more forceful with their product promotions. They deliver advanced marketing options for those who prefer to be more aggressive with their selling in order to crush their competition and get a faster ROI

How To Make Coupon For My Product?

What info do I need to provide?

Send us the following information:
• ASIN number
• Targeted Keywords
• Your desired keyword delivery
• Number of product units available
• Your coupon code
Once we receive all this info, we will get your promotion set up and ready to go.

How To Use Your Service After Ordering?

How To Stop Coupon Code For My Product?

Can’t find answers to your questions?

Please contact our support team here with your questions

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